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Monday, March 23, 2015

November 2014 Newsletter

We are thankful for you, our customers, every day. We appreciate every time you grace our doors with your presence or our inboxes with your print orders!

And at this time of year, I personally offer a special thank you to our family of employees, customers, and suppliers – and also to your families. May your Thanksgiving be a time of peace and gratitude for blessings bestowed upon all of us.

Architecture – Not Just for Daytime Use

Two new programs at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas aim to teach architects and other interested people about the issues of urbanism and light. It’s fitting the programs, called LightLab and NightLab, are taught in Las Vegas, a city known for its nightlife and bright lights.

“Architecture schools are exploring phenomenology and how we experience Design—sound, touch, light,” said Brian Ambroziak, who co-founded the NightLab program, in an article on the website Vegas Seven. “You would think that in talking about the senses, night—and light, or the lack thereof—would be a more prevalent factor in architecture and design. But most buildings are created for 2 p.m., not for night use. That’s why we’re trying to create a larger conversation with NightLab.”

Each of the programs is three weeks long, and teaches attendees the history, theory, and design methods surrounding light, with the city of Las Vegas as a lab. Topics include the history of neon, desert night skies, and low-light Photography.

According to the program’s website, “Participants will gain fundamental knowledge about Lighting Design, studying in a context filled with examples of uses of light. Attendees will learn about lighting design history and the physiological perception of light, qualitative and Quantitative Lighting Design principles, and how to measure light using ‘hands on’ equipment using case studies in Las Vegas.”

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